A program in Sweden (and supposedly also in Switzerland) with the goal of eliminating all deaths and serious injuries on the road, using various methods, including:

  • Putting up fences (3-5 metal cables) between lanes where it is unsafe to pass in the oncoming traffic's lane
  • Using advanced and automated radar systems to catch speeders
  • Taking away your license if you go more than 30 km/h over the limit, pass a car in a pedestrian crossing or commit a similar offence (or, of course, a more serious offence)
  • An experimental system called GPS (i may be wrong here, I heard about it in french) that will find the vehicle's location from a central computer to warn the driver when they go over the speed limit, and even force them to slow down (the accelerator requires more pressure) when they go too fast
  • Having all new drivers pass a test where slippery roads are simulated to see how they handle it
  • Replacing intersections with roundabouts, which are supposed to be safer.

Many of these are already being done, and they hope that by doing all this, and enforcing the laws to make people respect them (one way they do this is to take away driver's licenses frequently), they will make the roads safer. This is inspired by, among others, formula 1 racing, where there are many (high-speed) accidents but few injuries.

According to one persone who was quoted, another source of this idea is that "everyone has a personal vision zero, that no one they know will get killed or seriously injured while driving, and we hope to bring all these personal vision zeros together. We want to get from A to B without killing each other" (quoted nearly exactly, as parts of it were obscured by the french translation that kicked in shortly after the person started talking).

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