A hand-held palm-top kinda device by Philips. The origional Velo had a 4 color (4 shades of black actually) screen, ran WindowsCE and was the most unstable thing I've ever seen. I had to (and I'm being totally serious) basically reformat my HD (well, blank out my RAM) once per month if not more to keep it running at all. Despite all this, it was considered the best palm-top going for a while, but was quickly became obsolete.

It features a keyboard that is just ever so slightly too small to touch type on, a screen that just makes your eyes water after about 3 minutes of continuous usage, and Flash ROM card slot that never seemed to work for anybody. Durring my research into the subject, I found that literally nobody ever seemed to get the damn thing to acknowledge the Flash ROM chip...

The most noticably poor aspect of the Velo is the remarkably week hinge connecting the screen and the keyboard, which is responsible for just about 90% (That's a figure I pulled out of no where, but it's probably fairly accurate) of all Velo breakdowns. It's so amazingly flimsy that it's bairly able to support it's own weight.

It's hasn't been in production for some time, but there's still a whole lot of them kicking around, especially on Online auctions, which is where I got mine.

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