The Vecton BlackHawk is a computer controlled flying disc toy, which is powered by a thin tether line.

It uses ideas from Nasa and the US Air Force on how they think UFOs might fly, and took around 5 years to develop. The UFO is tethered to the remote via a thin wire, and powered by 3 propellers that stop automatically upon contact with any object (to ensure total safety). Expert navigators can switch to turbo mode for supercharged power, giving greater height and movement sensitivity. Remote's infrared beam provides true referenced flight direction.

The Vectron uses a new concept in hovering flight. Most vertical takeoff and landing aircraft rely on expensive and delicate gyro stabilization systems to remain stable in hovering flight. With Vectron this is not necessary since the entire body rotates. This provides all the gyroscopic stability necessary for hovering flight. The trick is in providing directional control. This is done by patented process of continuously changing the power to all three motors as they rotate in such a way to provide vectored control of the vehicle.

Another really cool feature is the programmable LED display with a 30 character capacity, allowing you to send messages to the alien planets you plan to visit ("We come in peace").

If you fancy a rest, just flip on the autopilot feature which makes the Vectron do all the work while you pretend to your mates that you have mastered it....

Included in your ready to fly pack is the Blackhawk and controller, Vectron docking base, power pack and instruction booklet. AC/DC transformer is included.

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