From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 41. Veal Cutlets

Veal cutlets should be cut from the neck in the same shape as mutton cutlets, as many cutlets as there are guests, but let them be very small. They must be prettily larded on one side, like a sweetbread; braise them-don't fry them until they have become quite tender; glaze lightly, and salamander to the colour of old gold. Have ready boiled a pint of green peas (fresh ones, if you can afford them; but peas are capitally preserved nowadays); put them in a stew-pan with two pats of butter, a little salt, and, if your guests are accustomed to Continental cookery, a teaspoonful of powdered sugar. When boiled, finish with an "alliance" of one yolk of egg mixed with a tablespoonful of cream; pour into the dish, and dress the cutlets neatly in an oval ring. You may have a little mould of mashed potatoes, if you like, in the middle.

These tasty cutlets, braised and larded, may be served quite as advantageously with "sauce a la jardiniere," with turnips browned, with asparagus tips, with cucumbers, or with tomatoes. The plain English way is to fry them in egg and bread-crumbs, with a slice of bacon to each in little rolls, and the dish is served with brown sauce.

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