Too much stuff and too little space?

Vacuum packing is a highly effective way of getting your clothes, linen and other “soft” material packed in an amazingly small space.

Step-by-step directions on how to vacuum pack:

You only need plastic bags and a vacuum cleaner.

Shove all your clothes into a plastic bag (or as much as you can fit into it). Remove the attachment from the pipe of the vacuum cleaner. Then wrap the mouth of the bag around the pipe. Turn the vacuum cleaner on and TA-DA! See your bag and the clothes in it go through the same phenomenon as the kids in “Honey I shrunk the kids”.

Attention: You have to be careful not to let the vacuum cleaner suck in your socks and other smaller objects. It is also oftentimes necessary that you pull the pipe slightly in and out to make the suction more effective and to secure that all the possible air is being sucked out of the bag.

After sucking all the air out, you have to act fast. Pull the pipe out of the bag and twist the mouth of the bag in such a manner that as little air as possible escapes the bag. Then tie it into a knot.

Repeat x times to pack all the content of your closet etc. You have to be careful not to accidentally poke holes into the bag, otherwise your hard work has been in vain.

Happy packing!

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