An anime miniseries about the misadventures of Ushio Aoski, your typical Japanese high school student. Well, he would be typical, if it weren't for a few things...
  1. He has a cat-like demon named Tora living with him, who often tries to eat Ushio with no success.
  2. Tora's demonic essence draws other, more malignant monsters to the area.
  3. Ushio must use the mystical Beast Spear that he carries around with him (he found Tora pinned to a rock in a cave under his home with the Spear at the beginning of the series) to fight off these monsters.
The show is, for the most part, a blend of action and comedy (one could call it a dramedy). It features lots of fight scenes, and several comedic attempts on the part of Tora to adjust to modern living.

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