Warrior and husband of Bathsheba.

First mentioned in 2 Samuel 11:3, Uriah the Hittite was a warrior for the nation of Israel during the reign of King David. David committed adultry with Uriah's wife while Uriah was away fighting Israel's enemies and Bathsheba became pregnant from the encounter. David sought to cover up his tryst with Bathsheba by recalling Uriah from the field, giving Uriah an opportunity to sleep with Bathsheba. The child would then be believed to be Uriah's and David would be clear from discovery.

Uriah however did not do as David hoped. After eating at the king's table, Uriah slept at the doorway to the king's house with the king's servants and did not go to his own home. He later told David that he did this because it was not right for the armies of Israel to be out in the field on campaign and him sleeping in his home.

David sent Uriah back to the battle and ordered him to be put in the place where the battle was fiercest. He then ordered that the troops with Uriah retreat, leaving Uriah without support. As expected, Uriah was killed in battle. His wife became David's wife, though the child born of this treacherous act died as judgment from the Lord.

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