Until I Find You is the most recent novel by American author John Irving. As it is the first book I've read by this giant, my opinion might be flawed. YMMV.

Until I Find You follows an actor, Jack Burns, from his early trip in Europe with his mother to his career as an Hollywood actor. Her father, a celebrated organist, abandoned them at his birth. Her mother, a tattoo artist, tries to find him by retracing the different tattoo parlors that drew on his father's skin, a collage of tens of pieces of music.

Jack Burns then return to Canada and attend a girl school were he first experiments with girls. There will start the obsession he holds for mature women, what he calls his "older women thing". It is also there that he discovers his talent for acting. Both will be the principal elements of his eventful life.

His sexuality is what cements the story together. Irving's depiction of sexual acts is very touching (most of the time). Also, the insights in the world of organ-playing and tattoos will keep you loaded for hours of conversation.

Through tattoos and women, John Irving weaves a wonderful novel. Even though it is enormous by today's standard, it's a very easy read and quite amazingly so. It's in paperback (the half-expensive variety).

(Now I totally have to read his other books. And learn the organ, get tattooed, play Shakespeare, do wrestling, have sex with women twice my age, etc.)

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