Apparently mixed binary and plaintext files containing classes used in Unreal Engine based games. I open /ut/System/WizMutator.u to verify this, and see large amounts of binary data. Somewhere down the list is the source code needed to compile that binary, in order that I might export it some day to edit the source code directly.

Packages are not compressed, and can contain many classes within. WizMutator.u contains two objects this way. Every file (with some exceptions, such as the .int files) is a container for different objects. Texture files contain many textures, Music files contain many scores, Map files contain many brushes, classes, and actors which are really all just objects anyway. Some packages contain only one class, and that class only one object. Most packages this small use a pre-existing class and just include the object, such as the MatrixMoves mutator; it re-uses the existing mutator class and expands it with one object: the mutator itself.

An object can also be a class, since classes are objects passing inheritance to other objects. TeamDeathMatchGame expands GameInfo, meaning it contains all the code and other properties of GameInfo as well as TeamDeathMatchGame.

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