Whenever extolling the virtues of my web hosting provider, PHPWebhosting.com, people seem to look on in skepticism when I say "Unmetered Bandwidth". People apparently identify "Unmetered" as == to "Unlimited". I bet even you did it when you saw the title of this node, as did the people in #everything. Nay, Unmetered Bandwidth is the simple concept that you only get however much bandwidth, 5 GB a month for most accounts, but there are no per second restrictions at all. You can use your allotment as fast as you want, bearing in mind that your account is on a shared server in a farm with an OC-12. They are very nice about it, the only time your bandwidth ever will get metered is as a warning to stop activities that violate your contract such as hosting Porn, Warez, or a public file archive. They are so nice that when you legitimately use more than 5 GB, your site is not cut off from the world. I talked to one fellow customer who has hit 7 GB for the past 9 months and never been accosted by sysadmins.

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