The University of Texas at San Antonio, or UTSA, is of course the University of Texas's San Antonio institution. Although all University of Texas institutions share the same board of regents, each institution has its own academic standards, its own mascot, and its own faculty. Unlike UT-Austin, UTSA is fairly easy to get into, is inexpensive for a state university, and most students at UTSA do not live on campus. This combination makes UTSA a common choice for lower income or first-generation college students.

UTSA has three campuses in San Antonio. Founded in 1969 on the current northern edge of San Antonio, UTSA's largest and first campus is just west of the Interstate 10/Loop 1604 interchange. There are currently 14 buildings on the 600 acre site, making it UTSA's largest campus.

Both of the other two locations are in downtown San Antonio. One is the Institute of Texan Cultures and the other is simply known as the "downtown campus" which opened in 1997. These are considered separate campuses because they are located on nearly opposite sides of downtown.

UTSA is generally regarded as an excellent business school, its mascot is a roadrunner, 18,600 undergraduate students attend UTSA, and it offers 88 bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs.

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