One of the more prestigous (read: NERDY) universities in the University of California school system. While the school itself is not exactly in San Diego, it is called University of California at San Diego. It is actually situated in La Jolla where the rich people make their beach front homes with attached tennis courts and baseball fields.

We have a 5 college (soon to be 6 colleges) system where you pick colleges depending on your general education preferences. For example, most engineers would pick Earl Warren, because you get off easier on the graduation requirements as far as general ed. goes. For more info on this, go to

The school itself is huge. It takes maybe half an hour to walk from one end of campus to the other diagonally. So if you have two consecutive classes on opposite sides of the campus and only 15 (changing to 10 min starting Fall 2002) minutes to walk, tough luck! The school administration seems to like to expand outward rather than upward. ERC (Eleanor Roosevelt College) is being pushed off to la-la land as they build the 6th college... Unfortunately I am ERC.

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