This creatively crafted counterfeit confection combines three imagination-capturing beasts -- the unicorn, the centaur, and his highness, Tyrannosaurus Rex -- into a vision of a chocolatey treat in the form of a horse's body (a necessarily very fat horse's body, that is) topped by the torso not of a man (or a woman), but of that most famous of meat-eating dinosaurs; and completed with a single hefty horn spired from the center of its forehead. The stubby arms of the dinosaur portion do not look especially able to wield the traditional Centaur bow and arrow, but it is likely that the Unicentaurus Rex compensates for that lack with many wonderful magical powers, such as the power to heal you with the touch of its horn. Just before it tears you in half with its powerful jaws and sucks you down its gullet.

The product does not appear to exist in real life, but is presented on a poster, backed by a bright rainbow of twists of what might conceivably be some kind of out-of-focus licorice, underneath white-lettered script declaring (with situationally appropriate lens flare): "Believe"!!

Apparently this was first posted on a website called "Geekology," in mid-April of 2010, and quickly shot out to equally geeky domains flung far and wide across teh Internets. It's hard to imagine how this could be any better -- no, wait: wings!! Sadly, the meme was brief and did not evolve into any of it's more interesting potential permutations before going extinct.




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