Sitting here thinking of life and friends; my vision travels past the glass. I write out holiday cards for those I keep near and realize there is no way to convey the things I see to most of you. How do I convey them to you without sounding cold or lovesick? There are no words or ways within this language or society. No way to tell you our friendship won’t withstand the test of time but that you are important to me none-the-less…

There are no examples of true platonic love. What kind of a place do we live in that exists without examples of this in everyday life? Women hug and share, but to get so close as to express an undeniable love without sex or romantic desire…is met with misunderstanding or disbelief.

How do I show you without words or tools? What actions are there for me to perform? The only ones I have, inhuman, physical, animal touches of kindness, learned through years with dogs as big as me… They are understood by so few of you and even then I never get to touch some of the people who really matter to me.

Why are the most important feelings so unexpressible?

Un`ex*press"i*ble (?), a.


Tillotson. -- Un`ex*press"i*bly, adv.


© Webster 1913.

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