'Under Contruction' (sic) is a common mis-spelling of 'Under Construction'. In conjunction with Google, it is a fantastic way to discover horrible websites. Not only are they under construction; they are slipshod and slapdash, too. There are currently 26,000 matches for the term, most of which are hosted by Geocities and the like.

It is particularly common in title tags, presumably because, whilst the page content is written and spellchecked in Word and then imported, the title tags are inserted directly into the HTML by an overworked web designer.

One of the most amusing displays of the term used to be at 'www.elitehackers.org' (at around the time this writeup was originally written, back in September 2001), which proudly proclaimed:

"Under contruction
:visit back soon and see the elite in style:"

The absolute apotheosis is:
The page consists of the following HTML:

title Under contruction /title
Under contruction

(but see also
http://www.ptboro.com/ezhome/STEWBARB.html )
Other, similar terms, include Under Constructions, Under Constuction, Under Constrution, Under Construnction, the list goes on.

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