I try to do what you ask of me. Blindly I knock around this wooden room, silent and unyielding. I use to be so good at finding my way around. Wasn’t there light in here at one time? I’m sure there was. I use to hear you so clearly. Your words still echo in this room, but it’s just the reverberation, leftovers of your voice. You haven’t said anything to me for years. Is it because I let you down? You knew I would. But you pulled me out of prison anyway. You deemed me your princess and here I stand, shrouded in dark.

When did I become deaf and blind to you? Can’t you heal me? I am handicapped now, so how can you expect me to save myself. I’ve never been able to do that. We were getting along so well, you and me. You would whisper stories to me as I would drift to sleep, sweet songs of your love. And you knew I loved you. You saw me simper and smile whenever you came close.

Maybe one day you’ll show me what went wrong. But how did I become the unchosen one?

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