I love my UE Boom bluetooth speaker. I know it is weird to write about it and post it on E2 but I do, I do, I do: I love me my UE Boom bluetooth speaker.

I decided to write about it while listening to J Mascis’s Not Enough on his beautiful acoustic album Several Shades of Why. Before, I was listening to famously gay singer Frank Ocean’s new album in my tiny bathroom because the sound bounces so nice off the faux tile walls. I kept listening to the same song, Thinkin Bout You, and sitting on the toilet seat cover and crying.

There is this one lyric, “I’ve been thinking about forever,” that pulls this death terror out of me. The whole lyric is, “Do you not think so far ahead? Cuz’ I been thinkin bout forever,” which basically summarizes how I think about death and the complete mystery and separation I feel when people tell me to not worry about it. Others give me reasons to not worry about death, but I won’t list them because I've killed pigs before, and I know that terror, and it is realer than language.

So ya, I was listening to Frank Ocean in my bathroom and then I went to my bed and put on Several Shades of Why and after a moment I noticed that I was hugging my UE Boom. I thought, “Fuck, I love this cylinder, I am embracing it.”

I was hugging it a week past too, when I was talking to my wife, my estranged wife I should say, I guess, and she was saying she wanted to come down and see me and after she hung up, I hugged the UE Boom like it was her. I closed my eyes and tried my best to feel her. I guess that was sort of the genesis of this wu.

Honestly though, BS aside, its battery is crazy and it is loud and pretty as. Not to mention the fact it is fucking waterproof!

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