The first Canadian reality-based television show, it features 8 Canadian individuals selected from a highly intensive audition process to live inside of a Toronto Loft for a period of one year. The "Lofters" will work, sleep, and play for one year, hosting various shows and generally living life in general. Lofters are individuals between the ages 19-30, and their lives in the loft are broadcast 24 hours per day through the internet. An encapsulation of the day's events are featured on a 9:30 p.m. show on Life Network Canada called "The Lofters." The lofters, whose names are Mathieu, Kalen, Sandy, David, Tre, Arisa, Valery, and Jennifer, are from different walks of life and feature a diversity of personalities (i.e. homosexual, heterosexual, black, white, tall, short, etc.) They are all rather photogenic. Considered to be the "making of TV history," more information about U8TV can be found at the aptly addressed site

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