Tyrol is the not-quite-westernmost part of Austria, noteworthy (among other things) for the Tyrolian Alps, some very nice skiing and the city of Innsbruck. A very interesting place, as zerblinitzky may or may not be able to tell you.

Spelled Tirol in German, it is difficult to imagine why someone felt a need to alter the English spelling of this land in the Alps with an incredibly scenic and pristine countryside. 7/8 of Tirol is dominated by mountains, which is a very good thing come winter time as they provide for some phenomenal skiing. This is good in the summer, as well, for the locals who love biking and hiking up the mountains--I still think you must be a bit off your rocker to enjoy the prospect of ascending 12,000 meters on a four day bike adventure.

People here will be quick to tell you that it isn't easy living in the mountains. Don't believe them.

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