Acura's answer to Honda's Type R. The Type S emblem on the back of a car means that it has a specially-tuned engine to provide more power over the stock configuration (they increase the compression ratio), an improved transmission to take advantage of it, improved intake and exhaust, better suspension and tires, an improved braking system, stabilizer bars, a specialized chassis, perforated-leather seats, and other interior amenities as well.

As an example, the 3.2 CL gets an extra 35 horsepower and 15 lbs/ft. of torque over the base model, and you get a five-speed automatic transmission instead of the stock four-speed.

Type S packages usually range around the $2,000.00 mark, which is a hell of a lot less than you would pay to achieve the same effect with aftermarket mods. You also don't have to worry about voiding your factory warranty.

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