On a cold, chilly night in March, my friend Chris and I had a discussion. After a long night, I was walking back to my car alone and in despair because Chris was coming along quite nicely with the girl he liked, Caroline, but the one I adored, Tyler, was brushing me off. I had liked Tyler for a long time at that point, and had a torrid relationship with him which involved me crying on many occasions. So I was not too optimistic about the whole situation. Chris saw that I was alone and thought maybe I needed a friend, so he walked the rest of the way to my car with me. And during this walk we came up with the two basic types of people you can have relationships with

Tyler was the type of person I would like and pine and hope for until my heart was ripped to pieces, but unfortunately he would never feel the same way about me. So the "Tyler" architype is the person you fantasize and dream about, and essentially idolize. Everything they do is Divine, and they can do no wrong. You have no idea why you really like them, and all you know is that you really want them. But the bottom line is you can never have a relationship with a "Tyler", because they aren't real, and in my Tyler's case, is most likely gay.

Caroline was the person that hit Chris out of nowhere, knocked him out of his senses and almost forced him to like her because he could see no one else. She was beautiful and perfect in his eyes,but she was also real. Chris had long liked another girl, who was his "Tyler", but Caroline forced him out of this. The "Caroline" was the type of person that you could have a relationship with, and be happy with. They made you focus on how wonderful you were, instead of how wonderful they were.

The "Caroline" and "Tyler" types can be applied to both males and females, because they are universal. My Tyler never worked out for me, simply because he is a "Tyler", but Chris had a long-lasting relationship with his "Caroline".

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