Two tribes go to war
One point is all that you can score

1984 was a tense time. The Cold War was coming to a head. Nuclear war films, increasingly detailed in their depiction of a future comprised mostly of gently glowing cockroaches (most notably Threads) scared the world shitless. Ronald Reagan made jokes about outlawing Russia forever. The world waited with baited breath for either the US or the SU to press the Big Red Button and let all hell fly loose. Two Tribes, from Frankie Goes To Hollywood's first album, Welcome to the Pleasuredome, perfectly captures this feeling. With its lyrics interspersed with short phrases from the infuriatingly open-ended Protect and Survive series of civil defense public information films, it is painfully clear exactly what the song is about-it's a sharp criticism of the Cold War, and both sides' cavalier attitudes as to the possible killings of large numbers of people.

The video for the song makes this clear, showing Reagan and his Russian counterpart, Konstantin Chernenko, sumo wrestling in front of a group of other people, clearly representing the UN Security Council. Eventually, after the "main event" as it were, the whole situation degenerates into all out fighting between everyone, and the council collapses.

Position in UK Chart: Number 1
Year of release: 1984
From the album:: Welcome to the Pleasuredome

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