Two trees got into an argument once.
A fiery and intractable debate stretched on for decades.
Until, though they had before been best of friends,
They now stood at loggerheads,

Each refusing to budge.

They turned away from one another, and
For a thousand years, were silent.

Seasons passed.

Birds flew by along long arcs.

Snows fell, storms came and went, the sun shone.

And then, one of the two grew ill.
The other began to feel a pang of realization.
Which grew into a trifling of concern.
Which, nurtured by old memories, grew into
Shame and forgiveness and love.

The tree turned to nurture his friend back to health.
And, recovery following, they rekindled their dear friendship.

It was as if they'd never argued at all.

Inspired by this lovely article.

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