I took a deep breath in. the sea breeze, cold, as it glided down my throat. I was glad to get off my jet. With its twin engines and luxury home comforts. But who likes to be cramped in a space only a few meters wide and deep. My legs were aching cause of the lack of movement during the 26 hour flight from LA. But still, I continued forwards. As I exited the airport car park I noticed a homeless person lying in the street. I walked past him, felling sorry for them, but more sorry for myself and my aching legs. Then suddenly I stopped in my tracks. There was something familiar. Something that I had seen before. Actually it was a face that seemed familiar. I turned around once more. I was right. Looking deep beneath the hairy black beard, scrubby face and the sand coloured teeth, there was an old classmate from school. It looked like that bully who made my life a living hell. I threw him a dollar, turned around and walked away. Laughing quietly to myself, thinking how funny it was that the tables have finally turned.

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