The Turkey Trot is another one of those Ragtime Animal Dances

Turkey Trot is a Fox Trot or Toddle variation in which you try to look like a Turkey.

The basic rhythm is an eight count step-hop-step-hop-run-run-run-run backing the lady along line of direction.

Use a ballroom position with the lead's right hand on the follow's left shoulder blade, with a fair amount of space between the two of you. The lead's left and follow's right hands should be palm to palm, fairly close to the shoulder.

One the steps and runs, bring all four elbows down and snug into the body. On the hops, and between the runs, keep the hands in one place but bring the elbows up until they're pointing straight out. This gives you the ungainly wing flapping look that you want for the Turkey Trot.

If you're really enthusiastic, during the hop, kick the free foot behind and to the side, keeping the knees together.

As in any social dance, and variations you can think of are fair game. Try other combinations of slows and quicks (i.e. step-hops and runs). Kick forward (carefully!) past your partner instead of back and to the side. Back the man. Use promenade position. Spin in place.

You wouldn't usually dance an entire dance of the Turkey Trot. As with all of the Animal Dances, mix and match during any individual song.

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