I'm going to leave out exactly where the proceeding story takes place, for saftey's sake, but let's just say that I work at a YMCA in the United States - in aquatics. We get bored VERY easily during the day (say, between 2 and 4, when very few people take advantage of the pool), and most of us, are, on the whole, creative people.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine proclaimed he had thought of a new game, as it is customary at those times to create ways to quell our boredom and make timee pass more quickly. Let's call him "Nature Boy", no relation to Rick Flair. So, Nature Boy proceed to explain the game.

(Short description first - the pool has a tube slide, one of the slides that goes down, turns left, flattens out, and then turns left and goes down again. The plastic is solid, and can't be seen through. a platform at the top lies in front of the opening. There is VERY cold water running through the slide at all times, making it freezing and slick)

The "player" of the game ties a rope to the top platform and threads it through the slide into the water below. He or she must start at the bottom, and climb on their back halfway up the slide, to the place where it flattens out. There, the player strips down to his or her birthday suit, and sends all of their clothes and bathing suit down the slide to someone waiting. The second person grabs the clothes, runs them to the top of the slide, and hands them to the player. The player must then put on everything (WITHOUT SLIPPING) and climb up to the top. The game is timed.

Rules: 1. Person #2 MAY NEVER run away with your clothes, or shall face a nasty death 2. Girls with girls, guys with guys 3. You get one second off your time for every person in the pool, on the pool deck, or in the windows, 3 points off for bosses or directors, or anyone important. 4. You get 15 seconds off for anyone wearing a women's speedo (yes, guys have done it too) 5. Two lists: FAME (completed run and time) and SHAME (those who slip and fall out of the tube into the water buck ass naked.

I have done this, with a speedo and a time of 1:05. The second best, thank you very much! I think that a quarter of our staff has attempted the game so far, and it quells the boredom quite nicely.

FYI: the only person on the shame list so far is on there becasue she cheated and wore two suits.

This could have been my most embarasing moment ever, but it wasn't. :)

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