A cemetery in Russia, in Tsarskoye Selo (near St. Petersburg), in which the horses ridden by the Russian emperors were buried. When the Tsars fell out of power it fell into ruin until Jean-Louis Gouraud rediscovered it in 1988. He has since compiled a history of the graveyard.

Nicholas I commissioned an 'Imperial rest-home' for horses, and it was built in 1827.

The first horse to be buried there was L'ami, the horse on which Alexander I rode victoriously into Paris in 1814, after defeating Napoleon. L'ami died in 1831.

At least 120 horses have since been buried there, up until at least 1889.

For a long time the Russian government failed to see the value of the cemetery, but Jean-Louis Gouraud has raised $40,000 in order to save the graveyard from destruction. Last I heard, it was still there. It is said to be the only horse cemetery in the world, but I very much doubt that that is the case.

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