Life is full of monologues,

Tongue-tied slurs on end.

Troubled minds and troubled hearts

Yet we fail to understand.


This failure comes from selfishness

Our own desire skews

The fabric of relationships and

Communication that ensues.


We seem to be one step behind

Or maybe one step ahead.

Conversations dwell on future

Words that need not be said.


So what is gained when all our thoughts

Are sprawled all over our head?

And the person on the other side

Feels this transaction’s dead.


For all the while we may speak

Of all noble words indeed,

Our thoughts they drift off fingertips

And our minds they slowly bleed.


For when we do not care to care

Of what question others lead,

This muddled mind we hold divine,

Is closed and pays no heed.


So why must words and phrases each

Be crowded at our doors

Be competing everyday

To fill our speaking stores.


You and I and s/he alike

Surely we all yearn

To incautiously turn an open ear

And forever learn.


To listen with not just our mind

But with our open heart

To all the fortunes, gifts, and praise

That from ones mouth does part


Sit one day don’t say a word

And listen all you can

To troubled minds and troubled hearts

Trying to understand.


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