Made by Trumpet, Pty. of Austrailia, Trumpet Winsock was the first Winsock layer that most of us used if we were online and using Windows in the early 1990s.

It seems trivial now, but back in the day, Trumpet was the only game in town. It combined a dialer along with the SLIP/PPP and TCP/IP in one convenient package. And, since this was in the days before PAP/CHAP, it had a pretty full-featured scripting engine.

Trumpet Pty. still offers Trumpet Winsock versions as old as 3.0 (for Windows 3) and as new as 5.0, even though the Windows OS it was written for now has its own Winsock. On the other hand, TW now supports IPv6, something the Microsoft Winsock implementation doesn't properly do yet.

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