A widely acclaimed cellist, born in Bergen, Norway in 1961.

Mørk's mother, a pianist, originally tried to teach him to play the piano, but according to her son they abandoned the project because he wasn't living up to her ambitions. Later on, he was taught how to play the cello by his father, a professional cellist, and I guess it would be fair to assume that he was more happy with his son's progress.

Growing up, Mørk reportedly was a huge fan of Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, a German singer, who was also an important source of inspiration to the cellist. Said Mørk in an interview: "I feel like I am singing to the audience through my cello, instead of using my voice".

One of his sponsors, not surprisingly a bank, bought Mørk his current instrument, a rare Domenico Montagnana cello made in Venice in 1723.

His recording of Benjamin Britten's Cello Suites (1-3) made him the first Norwegian Grammy winner ever in 2002.


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