Basic Info:

Troutman is a small town locaed in western North Carolina. It is in Iredell County (the number one county in NC for sales from Cattle, hay production, and silage corn) and its zipcode is 28166.


Mrs. Anne Troutman and her 2 sons opened a store in rural NC. In the 1861, a railroad was built from Charlotte to Statesville which went through what was soon to be called Troutman. The railroad station happened to be near the store her sons ran, so the station, and eventually the town, ended up being called Troutman.


According to the 2000 census information presented in the March 22, 2001 Charlotte Observer, Troutman has a population of 1,592, a hispanic population of 5 (yes, 5), and an overall "non-white" population of 29%. The average rainfall is 47 inches. The summer high is 87 and the winter low is 32 degrees Farenheit.

Nearby towns are: Barium Springs, Statesville

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