One of the better films to come out of Troma Studios, the longest running independent film studio in the United States. Troma is best known for filming The Toxic Avenger 1 through 4 and Class of Nukem' High parts 1 through 3.

Run by Lloyd Kaufman and started with his fellow college bud Michael Herz.

Tromeo and Juliet is a modern retelling of the classic bard's tale. Only this tale has "Body piercing. Kinky sex. Dismemberment. The thing that make Shakespeare great!"

The reason this version is so much better than the Leonardo de Crapio version is that it doesn't try to half ass the reworking. They don't speak old english and carry guns. Its truely a modern retelling. Every scene in the original is in some form in this movie. The film also includes quotes from the original in places they were not quite meant to be. Which is very funny. I'm not gunna say much more because you truely have to see this movie to appreciate it.

Lemmy of Motorhead narrates the tale that stars the following:
Jane Jensen (I) .... Juliet
Will Keenan .... Tromeo Que
Valentine Miele .... Murray Martini
Stephen Blackehart .... Benny Que
Maximillian Shaun .... Cappy Capulet
Steve Gibbons .... London Arbuckle
Sean Gunn .... Sammy Capulet
Debbie Rochon .... Ness
Lemmy .... The narrator
Flip Brown .... Father Lawrence
Patrick Connor .... Tyrone Capulet
Earl McKoy .... Monty Que
Gene Terinoni .... Detective Ernie Scalus
Wendy Adams .... Ingrid Capulet
Tamara Craig Thomas .... Georgie Capulet

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