A lubricant designed for use with the Trombone. It resembles Pond’s Cold creme in its color and texture, and the two are nearly interchangeable in this application, however; Trombotine was designed with this application in mind whereas Pond’s Cold creme was designed with people like Cindy Crawford and Pamela Anderson Lee in mind. It is one of the best concoctions for maximizing speed and minimizing both static and kinetic friction for optimal response. Some trombonists prefer slide-o-mix to Trombotine.

Follow these easy steps to lube up your bone. Please read every step before proceeding.

Materials You Will Need:

  • One 1.2 oz tube of Trombotine
  • A soft, dry, high thread count cloth
  • A Trombone
  • A spray bottle filled with water
  • (Optional) A plumbing snake
  • (Optional)The small(10 oz.) bottle of slide-o-mix
  1. Remove outer slide from inner slide, wipe inner slide with a dry, soft and high thread count cloth.
  2. You may want to run a plumbing snake through that outer slide once or twice to clean out all of the junk that may be in there.
  3. Apply a small amount of Trombotine to the lower three inches of the top and bottom inner slide halves.
  4. Spread the Trombotine around the bottom three inches of each inner slide, you may use your hand to do this provided that sick minded guy in the trumpet section is not watching. It should be nearly invisible to the naked eye once you are done, but the residue should still be there.
  5. Put your outer slide back on the inner slide, but only one half at a time. Work each half by vigorously moving the outer slide up and down. Rotate it around the inner slide repeatedly for good measure. Repeat for the other half of the slide.
  6. (Optional Step) You may make use of that small bottle of slide-o-mix now. Put one drop on each half of the inner slide and work each half as in the last step.
  7. Take out your spray bottle and give the inner slide two healthy sprays. It does not matter how much water you use as the excess runoff will no doubt come out your water key later on in the performance.
  8. Replace the outer slide.
  9. Spray your inner slide as needed throughout your performance or rehearsal.

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