A fruity cereal designed to gain the appeal of small children, yet has won over many people's breakfast tables. The commercials lie.. Trix are not just for kids. Give the damn rabbit some cereal you stupid kids!@!@#!$%$#

a popular breakfast cereal, involving cruelty to rabbits, annoying little kids, mass marketing, and lots and lots of high fructose corn syrup. what more could you ask for.

Silly rabbi! Kix are for trids!

"-trix" is also a suffix in the English language denoting a female agent of a given action. It is the counterpart to the male/neuter suffix "-or." Thus, a female director would be a directrix, a female inheritor an inheretrix, and a female dominator a dominatrix. The last example is probably the most common usage of this suffix, although I actually did hear a British narrator on History Channel International refer to Queen Elizabeth as an inheritrix earlier today. Otherwise, "-trix" is somewhat rare in common usage, although for no good reason that I can see.

This suffix is related to "-ess" in meaning and sound (e.g. seamstress), but the two are not interchangeable. "-trix" is only felicitously used when it can be interchanged with its male counterpart "-or." Given the somewhat arbitrary nature of the English language, this usually has to be decided on a word by word basis.

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