Sharp-eyed watchers of this seminal NAZI film will note that Refenstahl chose to include a reaction shot from a cat while the Fueher's motorcade passed by the people of Nurnberg. Frau Mausjaeger was, in the words of her children, simply enjoying a bit of sunshine when there was a noticable stir in the road beneath. Underneath, she found a male human who smelt overwhelmingly of DOG! and looked like a shifty character, moving underneath the window.

Accordingly, she kept a watchful eye on this person, and was thus snapped by the camera. Sensing an anti-cat movement among the people, she left the premises, and joined the feline Underground. Her heirs apologize to Herr Spiegelman if there was any mistake: he is, and will remain, a Middle Eastern human, and as such, remains part of the Kaffir-Homo inter-species treaty circa 9000, before common era.

Don't think of this as disrespectful, more like a unicorn chaser....

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