A Trikke (pronounced like trike, though sometimes I say "tricky") is a three-wheeled scooter with an innovative method of locomotion. The front wheel has a tube leading up to handlebars, like on a Razor Scooter, but instead of having one footboard for your feet, there is a footboard under each foot, connected at the front wheel. Unlike a Razor, you don't need to scoot with your foot to make it go.

You make a Trikke move forward by rocking left and right, and the Trikke travels forward in a serpentine fashion. When moving slowly, you turn the handlebars and rock the front tube left and right over the front wheel, and when moving more quickly, you rock your body left and right, pushing laterally with your outside foot - when you are moving left, you push out with your right foot.

The Trikke's method of propulsion is not intuititive, it depends on an interesting set of articulated joints near the front wheel, and the axle of the front wheel trails behind the fork, which curves backward, unlike on a bicycle.

A Trikke doesn't move as easily as a bicycle, skateboard, or roller skates. You have to work hard to make it go uphill or if the pavement is not smooth. It has polyurethane wheels up to 8 inches in diameter, so if the road is wet, you get no traction and you won't go. You also can't make it go on soft ground or grass. But on a road or sidewalk, riding a Trikke is great exercise and great fun. On the flats you can get it going 15 miles per hour. It has hand-brakes like on a bicycle, so you won't feel like you're losing control. The Trikke was invented in Brazil, and has been in production since about 2000. It is interesting and unusual enough that you'll find people wondering what makes it go, and they will stop you to ask about it.

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