With trigger-action weapons! Push the button and weapons spring into action!

One of a group of small Decepticon Transformers introduced in 1988 with spring-loaded weapons that could be folded out of view and popped out quickly in either robot or vehicle mode. They were similar in size and intent to the Throttlebots from the previous year.

Yeah, they were kind of lame, but as gimmicks go it was pretty good. The Triggercons and Triggerbots were about twice the size of the first- and second-year minibots, probably to keep the weapons from being so tiny they'd break off. Their transformations were designed so that the weapons could be hidden and sprung out in either vehicle or robot mode (positioned either on the robot's shoulders or their arms). It was a useful variation on the spring-loaded transformations the earler Jumpstarters used, and a lot better than the water-squirting or disk-firing weapons later "Generation 2" Transformers used.

The Triggercons were Windsweeper, Ruckus, and Crankcase. Their Autobot counterparts were called Triggerbots.

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