Trey Gunn was born in Texas and lives in Seattle now. He first studied music at age 7, taking private lessons in classical piano. His musical interests have gone through several phases: electric bass, electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, stick, and now: touch guitar.

He has toured and recorded with Sunday All Over The World, Toni Childs, The Robert Fripp String Quintet, David Sylvian, Vernon Reid, Michael Brook, Eric Johnson, David Hykes and (most importantly), King Crimson. He joined David Sylvian and Robert Fripp in 1992 in a project that began as a three-piece band and evolved into a full rock ensemble. They toured Japan and Europe. The band released an album "The First Day" and a live album, "Damage", through Virgin Records. During this time Gunn also recorded his first solo venture, titled "One Thousand Years".

In 1994, Gunn joined King Crimson to once again work with Fripp. On their newest album, Gunn has included the use of an entirely new instrument, very similar to the stick, in that it is played by tapping the strings and has the full range of a piano. Dubbed the "touch guitar", the instrument was designed and built by Mark Warr, and has ten strings. The touch guitar can be heard on King Crimson's, "The ConstruKction of Light,". To get a better feel (or, listen, rather) for what the touch string can do, get any of Gunn's more recent solo works: "The Third Star", "Raw Power" or "The Joy of Molybdenum".

In addition, he is now running a music label based in Seattle called First World, and is currently dividing his time between his own Trey Gunn Band, the next phase of King Crimson and various session work (he plays on the John Paul Jones CD, "Zooma").

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