An audio/midi multitrack recorder and sequencer with VST support. Julian Storer of Raw Material Software started work on Tracktion in 2002. The philosophy of the program is to include the capabilities of (much more expensive) software like Cubase and Pro Tools, without their confounding user interfaces. Tracktion forgoes the idea of virtual mixers, send effects, and the like. Audio and MIDI tracks are basically interchangeable. As a result, the software is exceptionally easy to use-- all work is done on one screen, with no extra windows. The interface is clean and legible.

However, at its young age and low price, Tracktion does not have all the advanced features of the high-end competitors (many of which cost over $500). That said, I feel more creative working in Tracktion than any other multitracker I've tried.

Demos for Windows and Mac OS X are available on the Tracktion website at .

There is a thriving user forum at .

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