An interactive computer game from Virgin Interactive.
Genre: Adventure
Ages: 3+
Requirements: 486dx2

The game was about a cartoon writer (Drew Blanc) for a TV-show called The Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun Show. His boss gives Drew a new assignment; come up with a great idea which will make the show more popular than ever before - within 12 hours.. He has no other choice than to accept this challenge, where failure will cost his job. Hours passes by, and he falls asleep at his workstation. In the middle of the night, he is awakened by the tv-show of which he works with, only to be sucked in to a cartoon world - where of course he is the only "sane" person. Your mission from here is to find your way back to the real world. You will find help through your side-kick Flux Wildly.

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