A Terrytoons cartoon that ran regularly on the Captain Kangaroo Show from 1957 to 1961 but reappeared from time to time into the early seventies. The five-minute episodes were aired every weekday, delivering one complete five-part story every week.

Minimalist is a nice way to describe this black-and-white line-drawing cartoon that rarely included backgrounds. Tom was a young boy who wore a magical hat (shaped very much like a funnel) that allowed him to change into any object. His sidekick, Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog, was a large, timid, lethargic hound. Tom's enemies included Sweet Tooth Sam, Captain Kidney Bean, The Silly Sandman, The Gravity Maker, and his arch enemy, Crabby Appleton (who was “rotten to the core”).

I’m Tom Terrific, greatest hero ever!
Terrific is the name for me, ’cause I’m so clever!
I can be what I want to be, and if you’d like to see,
Follow, follow me!

If you see a plane on high,
A diesel train go roaring by,
A bumblebee, or a tree,
It’s me!

When there is trouble,
I’m there on the double,
From Atlantic to Pacific,
They know Tom Terrific!

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