my god rules all four corners
he parted light and dark and four worlds became
to every nation he sent a warner
and made slaves of everyone all the same

spend your life in devotion to him
you were created for no reason other than this
noncompliance is the highest of sins
dedicate your life entirely to his service

prepare well for your hereafter
you'd better get yourself a decent armchair
and pick out a suitable rafter
consider the weight you expect it to bear

until then you may never tire
all must participate for the greater good
my god is a hungry god and requires
continual sacrifice of blood

he'll build for us a paradise
wherein we'll reside a thousand years
all he needs is your blood sacrifice
what do you think you've got to fear?

what are you afraid of losing?
here see for yourself take this wager
you might have a life of his choosing
should the odds be in your favour

columns of fire burn bold
as nigredo the oil and rubedo the blood flow
cleansing it transforms into gold
its endless fuel of men and stones

ruler of the destinies of all things
invisible his hand moves and empires collapse
all power belongs to the king of all kings
all he decrees will come to pass

there is no power or glory but his
DOLLARHUAKBAR there is none greater
ultimate destroyer and creator

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