Different lines of time and physics intersected at where I was.

Kayl had brought me out to see it.

"This is where you and the rest of your world is right now," she said. "And here is the direction you are going in." She pointed to one particular line through the snapshot of our universe.

"And what are those other lines?" I asked.

"Each possibility is shared by many other realities," she said. "For example, here's one going in the exact opposite direction of your ray. Their time flows backwards. Their future is determined by the memories you store in your world."

"So they only have memories of their future but not their past?" I asked.

"Yes. Because their direction is different, you can't expect them to have the same physical laws you're used to."

"And what about all these other lines intersecting here?"

"At any given point of possibility space," Kayl said, "many different worlds could reach that possibility through all kinds of physical laws, all different from your own. If they had the same physical laws as your world, then their rays would be parallel to yours. But because these are not parallel rays, the next state of their worlds could change in ways totally alien to what you're used to."

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