Til*land"si*a (?), n. [NL. So named after Prof. Tillands, of Abo, in Finland.] (Bot.)

A genus of epiphytic endogenous plants found in the Southern United States and in tropical America. Tillandsia usneoides, called long moss, black moss, Spanish moss, and Florida moss, has a very slender pendulous branching stem, and forms great hanging tufts on the branches of trees. It is often used for stuffing mattresses.


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Til*land"si*a (?), n. [NL., after Prof. Tillands, of Abo, in Finland.] (Bot.)

An immense genus of epiphytic bromeliaceous plants confined to tropical and subtropical America. They usually bear a rosette of narrow overlapping basal leaves, which often hold a considerable quantity of water. The spicate or paniculate flowers have free perianth segments, and are often subtended by colored bracts. Also, a plant of this genus.


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