The name "Tiger Girl" has been used at least twice. The first was a fictional character, created by the Eisner/Iger shop for Fiction House' Fight Comics comic book. Fiction House assigned the "house name" Allan O'Hara to the author. Artists credited with the feature included Robert Webb, Matt Baker, and Jack Kamen. Other artists included Al Hollingsworth and Lily Renee. Her first appearance was in issue #32 (Dec. 1944).

Tiger Girl was one of a number of jungle heroines inspired by Sheena. She was also a blonde, but wore a tiger-skin bikini. On the cover of her origin story (Fight Comics #51, Aug. 1947, was the blurb

"A living legend of the wild - a golden princess who ruled with singing whip - Tiger Girl!"
Tiger Girl, along with her pet tiger Benzali and Abdola her Shikh servant, patrolled the African Jungle.

The "Tiger Girl" was very popular, appearing in:

  • Fight Comics #32, (Jun. 1944)
  • Fight Comics #36, (Feb. 1945), through
  • Fight Comics #60, (Feb. 1949)
  • Fight Comics #61, (Apr. 1949), retold her origin
  • Fight Comics #62, (Jun. 1949), through
  • Fight Comics #85, (Summer 1953).
  • Jungle Comics #152, (Jun. 1953), reprinted in Super Comics
  • Jungle Adventures #15, (1964), through
  • Jungle Comics #156, (Oct. 1953)
  • Jungle Comics #159, (Jan. 1954), through
  • Jungle Comics #163, (Summer 1954). She also appeared in
  • Jumbo Comics #59, (Dec. 1948)

The second was a fictional character, created by Jerry Siegel and Jack Sparling for her Gold Key comic book. Her only appearance was in issue #1 (Sept. 1968). The cover illustration, Tiger Girl astride a rampaging tiger, evokes the popular Hindu iconography of the goddess Durga riding a tiger. On the cover was the blurb

"With claw and fury she springs - into the trap of Wolf Hound, a human beast!"
Lily Taylor, "a shapely aerialist" for the Dingaling and South Circus, used her acrobatic abilities in her secret identity as "Tiger Girl." She shared an empathic link with the tiger, Kitten.

There is also an anime character named "Tiger Girl," Tora Musume, designed by Ryo Runmiya.

These characters are not to be confused with Tiger Girl (Hu Nu): A Creative Memoir, by Lien Chao (Tsar Publications).

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