A hard house label from the UK. Formed in autumn 1995 by The Tidy Boys (Andy and Amadeus), has lately become very popular all over Europe.
Their home page (which uses Flash quite heavily) can be found at http://www.tidytrax.co.uk/.

Tidy Trax' music - like most hardhouse/hardtrance - is characterized by hard bouncy sounds, simple structure, over-recycled vocal samples and a heavy overusing of the classic Juno preset "What the", made famous by Human Resource's The Complete Dominator hit in 1991.

An another often used "trick" for Tidy Trax is to rip off an old techno/rave hit, without giving it credit by calling the finished product a remix. Instead of just sampling the sounds/samples (which is quite acceptable and is an important building block in electronic music), they steal entire loops made with the sounds.

A few examples:

Tidy Girls presents Anna Savage - I Need A Man
Two loops (the lead plus a percussive background) stolen from Insomniak Remix by DJPC

??? (the first track in the Spring Collection mix)
The entire beat and partial bassline ripped from Trippin' Out by Misjah & Groovehead.

??? (on the Untidy Trax sub-label)
TWO leads stolen from James Brown is Dead by L.A. Style.

Tony De Vit - Are You All Ready
Lead stolen from the classic first Speed Freak release.

I will add more to this list later.
Note that all the raped tracks were made numerous years before the Tidy Trax versions were released, maybe to make sure nobody would remember the original. So it's not a question of who stole from from who.

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