Three Golden-Tongued Knights, Whom No One Could Refuse Whatsoever They Might Ask For there was neither King, nor Earl, nor Lord, to whom these came, but would listen to them before all others; and whatever request they made, it would be granted them, whether willingly or unwillingly; and thence were they called the Golden Tongued.
Of Gwalchmai, we know he is considered the equivalent to Sir Gawain; however, unlike the French romances, in English and Welsh literature, Gawain is shown to be an orator and peacemaker, not the hot-headed womanizer.

Of Eliwlod, he is then the nephew of Arthur on his father's side; however, this is curious, as only in a few Welsh poems and triads are there references to the otherwise unknown Madawc ap Uthyr, the brother of Arthur.

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