We are halfway through the current quest so as one of the "mystery judges", I feel compelled to explain my thoughts on the participation, as well as the apparent lack of voting. I have no idea how many noders are currently active on E2, but it irks me that when people put time and effort into writing (and there's been some really good material), THERE SHOULD BE READING AND VOTING!

My method is simple: upvote for participation and C! when something moves me or is especially well written. I've almost drained my GP buying more than the allotted one per day. I take the time to comment via private message.

This is a topic that has bothered me a long time, so I'm including downvoting without a message. As a writing site, I believe we learn by constructive criticism, so I encourage the downvoters to explain their votes.

I decided to fill nodeshells, as well as continue recording things that are important to me. For the life of me, I am stumped that I receive very little feedback, except from a select few. The most hilarious feedback I got was, in short, "You've got style; but brevity's not yours."


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