it is what i had been pondering, the ideas i'd been tossing around in my head i wanted to.. walk, alone, i wanted to face the night unafraid, to welcome the little noises and smile at the intensely dreamy night. i can't believe so many hours have passed, and so quickly, i can't fathom how it might be so luminous and hazy, and the gentle warmth in the wind is too much, i think.

i realize now that if i am thinking that it might happen, it probably did just that while i spent so much time considering the possibility. long drawn out decisions.. is that really what i'm all about?

my fingers feel so soft and frail, perhaps, the way they dance across the keys. they really don't feel attached to this body, very far away in the most fascinating sort of way.

i was running my fingers over the satin'y neck of a beautiful dark horse wandering alongside the fence in the night and i thought that it felt softer than anything had ever before. i think, perhaps, that it was a combination.. the skin on my hands, my fingers, it feels that soft even against hard plastic keys.

sometimes, i could slide fingers firmly against, along, across the sharpest of edges and feel nothing.

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