This entire house is made of brick.

Brick patio.

Brick front walk.

Brick front porch.

Brick wall.

Brick pool.

Bricks filling the pool.

Brick outdoor oven.

Brick yard.

Brick indoor flooring.

Brick windows.

Bricked-up windows.

Brick table.

Brick chairs.

Brick plates.

Brick flatware.

Brick cadlesticks.

Brick Chandelier.

Brick stove.

Brick sink.

Brick cups.

Brick cabinets.

Brick stairs.

Brick bannister.

Brick carpets.

Paintings of bricks.

Brick desktop computers.

Brick desk.

Brick beds.

Brick blankets.

Brick pillows.

Brick shelves.

brick books.

Brick bath.

Brick shampoo.

That fucking wolf can't blow down THIS house.

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